Here on Juniper Hill, we are six people who have shared their lives since the fall of 2010.  We share our houses, share our meals, share our animals, and share our responsibilities. We do a lot of compromising, because we all like different lifestyles. We like different food and listen to different music.  Some of us go to bed early, some of us would love to stay up most of the night if we  didn’t have to get up by 9AM.   Most of us have sensory issues, so sometimes it makes it really difficult to enjoy, or even accept, each other’s company.   We are really different from each other and share only a few similar interests.  But ask any one of us and we will tell you (most of the time!) that all of this compromising is worth it.

We are like a family, and we care about each other.  We really are good friends, true friends….and this is our home.

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  1. So cool!!! I wish I could pop in from time to time 🙂 Big ‘hellos’ to all of you there!!!!!!!!!

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