Barnyard Rants

This is a page that will direct you to my other blog, ‘barnyard rants’, where I talk about the uncomfortable, controversial and downright inflammatory subjects that i read about, think about, and live each day.  My views on different topics are not consistently one side or the other…. so I am apologizing in advance for offending anyone. I will ultimately offend everyone at some point!  Stay calm, there are two sides to every story! And everyone should have a voice….

below is a copy of the ‘About’ page on the barnyard rants blog… it explains why I’d rather not talk about these things here on the farm blog.

just click here:  barnyard rants  to get to the blog


Our lives here at Juniper Hill are fairly peaceful, with the most important day-to-day issues being farting too close to someone or drinking more than your share of orange juice. We have all lived together since the Fall of 2010 and we are truly good friends.  We have a community that loves us, a cozy inviting home, animals to care for and cuddle with, and a beautiful view out of our back door.  Although no one is independently wealthy, we have no financial worries. We have passions and interests. Each day is filled with productive activities, although no one has a full time job away from the farm.  We have volunteer jobs, we exercise, we all know how to cook.  We spend every weekday evening together at dinnertime, and our cozy evenings involve a crackling fireplace, great dessert and silly TV shows. Our friends at the A.A.L.I.V.E. organization fund some amazing trips for us. There is almost zero turnover of the support staff here, and we call them our friends as well. Could our lives be better than this?  Oh, perhaps. But rarely do most of us dwell on that.

Except for me, that is. I dwell on it. I know that outside the borders of Juniper Hill, there is so much work to be done. I spend a good part of my days reading blogs and news articles about all of the issues that affect  people whose lives have been touched by autism.  There are oh so many things to have an opinion about, so many things to think about, so many things to fight for, or against. The discussions are almost always emotionally charged and extremely polarizing. It is easy to be afraid of expressing anything for fear of attack from whatever side you are not on.

But I can’t NOT express it.

However, I can NOT bring it home.  At home we talk about Legos. dinosaurs, cars, evolution,  holidays, hockey scores, food, weather…. oh, and aliens.  way too much about aliens…

because…just so you know….

Not everyone wants to be an activist.  

I have to respect that, and I do. And I learn SO much every day from these guys, who live with a disability, who work on their issues, and who are happy and content for the most part. And who have almost no interest whatsoever in talking about autism.

So please check out our other blog, Juniper Hill Farms , where I talk about our lives together … far from perfect, but always with a happy ending.. so far!


But here on this blog …… here I want to RANT.



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